Thursday, February 23rd. 6:30 PM.  Beverly Hills, CA 

EXCLUSIVE OPPORTUNITY FOR INVESTORS - Groundbreaking Medical Discovery presented by AccenGen Therapeutics, Inc.

AccenGen invites you to participate in a unique opportunity to be an investor in a radical new approach to treating pulmonary fibrosis. AccenGen is a California-based pharmaceutical development company that is racing to bring this vital drug to clinical trials.

Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is a severe and chronic lung disease of unknown etiology, with a median survival of 2 to 5 years – a prognosis worse than many cancers.  IPF is a progressive scarring of the lungs, related to chronic inflammation and other factors, and about 40,000 Americans die from the disease every year.  AccenGen’s lead treatment for IPF is a new compound known as an “sEH inhibitor” - a totally new class of anti-inflammatory drugs.  AccenGen’s sEH inhibitor compound is backed by research presented in over 800 peer-reviewed studies from top universities including Harvard, Columbia, and the University of California. Click here for bibliography.

Serious investors are invited to attend an invitation-only presentation on AccenGen’s promising drug and to learn about this opportunity that can have a positive impact on millions of patients.  Join physicians, scientists, and accredited investors at AccenGen’s upcoming event in Beverly Hills to hear from the company founders and key principals:

·       AccenGen’s CEO, Dr. Sassan Rafizadeh, MD, PhD (UC Davis), will present the IPF challenge and treatment with company executives and healthcare leaders.

·       Minimum investment is $10,000.

·       Dinner will be served.

For further information about the event, please contact Whitney Thompson at  Event location will be distributed to registered participants only.  RSVP below by March 2nd.